Unplug yourself from the Matrix & banish all limiting blocks now... 

​Synchronistic Wealth Matrix Unplugging & Quantum Energetic Healing Intensive

Our Signature Program By Hani Cheng

Unblock 300+ blocks in your energetic and auric field that few practitioners even know exist. Pinpoint blocks on all dimensions and receive activations for all.

Introducing The Matrix Unplugging & Quantum Energetic Activation 

by Hani Cheng

Shake up all blocks to your energy, power, worth, prosperity and health to receive easy success, RIGHT NOW...

Today $2500!

Are You Ready To Experience Your Ultimate Energetic Flow, Today?

When your energetic field is clear - your wealth, health, energy are all available in the present moment.


Without proper clearing - karmic, DNA, energetic implants and interferences on 25+ Dimensions can invisibly inhibit all efforts.


This is why we've condensed decades of clearing into one initiation for you to SHIFT your energy permanently.


Specifically, the Matrix session contains:

✔️ Multidimensional Auric clearing clears your energy field of all entities and other energies that could be impeding your Synchronistic Wealth

✔️ Clearing of any fear implants and shadow persona energies stopping you from success

✔️ Removing unnatural energetic seals and implants that can keep your energies inverted and keep you stuck in poverty or scarcity

✔️ Multidimensional Karmic Clearing to release Karmic imprints for fear of success or being visible

✔️ Activation of DNA to assist you to hold higher frequencies and light in your body to vibrate at your highest wealth frequencies

✔️ Clearing of False light and False light beings from your field that are false ascension guides - and preventing you from accessing your true abundance

Here's What Synchronistic Wealth Matrix Unplugging & Activation Will Do For You...

    • 💫 Pain relief in body (physical blocks to wealth released),

      💫 Feeling lighter and permanently shifted in the area of money at their current level,

      💫 Ability to not get triggered or experiencing emotion in a completely new empowering way when it comes to money,

      💫 Feeling consistently happier and freer in the topic of wealth,

      💫 Greater confidence,

      💫 Greater money flow,

      💫 Addictions releasing,

      💫 Feeling better overall,

      💫 More energy in the body

    Here's Exactly What You Get...

    • ✅ 300 x Etheric Blocks Cleared.


      ✅ 2 Hours Synchronistic Wealth and Health Matrix Unplugging & Activation. 


      ✅ 45min 1:1 Synchronistic Wealth Quantum Integration Call w/ Team or Hani.


      ✅ 1 x Quantum Report Of Top Blocks For a Smooth 8-month Integration.


      ✅ [Bonus] Post Integration Email Series & Check-in for Optimal 8-month Integration.



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      You can get these 5 elements of Matrix Unplugging & Quantum Energetic Healing Package for less than what it takes to work with Hani personally for 1 day.


      Because we know after you experience this clearing and receive your PURE energy from your highest source, you'll want to go into a more deeper and more intimate with the source of your power, impact, abundance, purpose and mission! 


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