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Synchronistic Wealth - 7 Figure Frequency - Peace & Trust
Synchronistic Wealth - Peace & Trust- 7 Figure Frequency

Other Liberated Leaders who experienced this said:


" [My intention is to be] free from Karma, just Be. No "I" No "me". Just Be. I was the sun, the sun was me. I didn't know outside from inside, up from down, merged with the universe. It was like a trip. Fun. So Funny. Feels like a trip on so many dimensions. You are so creative. So much fun. " - Yuka, Japan, Experienced Meditation Teacher


" Waking up the next day I feel like what I felt like 19 hours after a multi day Ayahuasca Journey without the drugs! So deep. Thank you so much. [My intention was] Peace. To be Peaceful. Right after the session I was still somewhere else, I had nothing to say, nothing to think, I was in a trance [until I reintegrated]." - M, Singapore, Events Organizer, Copywriter


" Deep relaxation. Deep relaxation. [My intention was] Content. " - N, Meditation Syllabus Creator for Schools


" [My intention was to ] have my heart and mind connected. I would feel comfort and joy. I didn't know if I was following the time-stream portion, but did it. Open. Thank you." - T, Singapore, Events & Marketing




Q: How is this different from other meditations and activations you do?

A: This includes the information field that is beamed from the Quantum Machine that is recorded on the .MP3 that goes into your field from soundwaves, activating cellular levels of information.


Q: How do I know it's working?

A: When you set aside the 45 mins and use breathing techniques to sink into the space you'll feel the shift. It is useful to set an intention to what synchronistic wealth means to you and what you'll feel at the end of the session to make the most of it. For example, if wealthiest and happiest you feels "joy" or "peace" or "trust", then that's the word you will focus on. 


Q: How many times do I need to do it to see lasting effects?

A: It is important to acclimate your body to this frequency on a daily basis. Pick this or any of the 7 Figure Frequency activations to support your vibrations daily. What it does is that it creates a space of neutrality and activated inspiration within you to recognize actions to take.


Do it:

1. Daily for maintenance (you can choose 20 mins of it if you don't have enough time) Consistency is key. 

2. When you feel resistance, stuck, doubt, lost or down.

3. Before bed or on the toilet. This helps clear your field.